State Of The Industry
There is no better industry than the lawn & garden industry. It is comprised of ethical, hard working families. It is a sustainable industry that weathers all storms and always comes back strong. The independent garden centers make this industry the strong, ethical, family-focused industry it is today.

Down To Earth Philosophy
DeWitt operates out of a 300,000 square-foot facility which is centrally located in the heartland of America. By continually investing in state-of-the-art technology and equipment, DeWitt is able to consistently provide the highest quality products available in the lawn and garden industry.
Environmental Design & Packaging
Unlike many manufacturers, DeWitt is there to back up our products after you order. We know our continued success is based on your continued success. We are constantly developing new and innovative merchandising systems to better serve your needs. We’ve made a serious commitment to the lawn and garden industry by introducing new products, improving existing products, and developing innovative merchandising solutions.

Make People Better, Not Better People
We are a family owned, operated and inspired company. DeWitt blends old fashioned ways with state of the art technology. Tools are for people to use, not to replace people. For example: a recording won’t replace your call being answered by a person. At DeWitt you’re not a number – you’re a person. We have a dedicated, talented team that is driven by our success and commitment to the industry.

Not Only My Career, It Is My Life
In the early 1970’s, I saw a need for a non-chemical, environmentally sound form of weed control that would assist homeowners and professionals in creating low-maintenance landscapes. “I feel about the lawn & garden industry just like Arnold Palmer feels about golf. I love it so much I’d do it for free. This industry is not only my career, it is my life.”



Footprint Products Limited is very dominant in the retail consumer market, and we hold highest market share in Canada on some of our product categories.