With over a century of global manufacturing and marketing experience in the sprayer business, H.D. Hudson Manufacturing Company has become known as the World Standard of Value in the sprayer category.

Hudson knows and understands the demands and needs of sprayer users in various markets such as lawn and garden, industrial, agriculture, pest control, turf care and public health. Hudson assimilates this knowledge to bring its customers the broadest range of high quality spraying products under assorted price points that meet or exceed the needs of its domestic and international partners. Coupled with integrated technology, supply chain strategies and unparalleled global customer service Hudson delivers the best overall cost.

Global Product Dominance
With manufacturing in the U.S., Mexico and Asia, including H. D. Hudson Asia Limited, the only branded sprayer manufacturer in China, Hudson delivers the best total cost solutions. For decades Hudson has been the global leader in product innovation. Through a disciplined approach to product intelligence, user trends forecasting and research and development, Hudson operates a global product development organization that delivers patented innovative features, benefits and products that are unique to Hudson and preferred by users around the world.

Global Manufacturing Expertise
Hudson’s manufacturing capabilities in the USA, Mexico and Asia are leveraged to bring products and assemblies to local markets that are best in cost, best in class. Its global supply chain delivers products and assemblies where and when they are needed.

Global Marketing Force
Hudson supplies its products through a sophisticated network of professional salesmen, manufacturer’s representatives, gents, distributors, wholesalers and retailers. Each segment adds specific value to the network.

The Choice Is Yours. If you desire a domestic product along with value added services and programming such as professional sales representatives that know and understand your market, local inventories for fast just in time replenishment, as well as advertising and marketing support, Hudson has that for you. If you desire direct import of foreign produced spraying equipment Hudson has that for you. Or, if you desire a blended program Hudson can customize a program just for you. The choice is yours and your best choice is Hudson.

Thank you for allowing the global resources of Hudson to be a part of your world.


Footprint Products Limited is very dominant in the retail consumer market, and we hold highest market share in Canada on some of our product categories.