VegTrug Limited was started in late 2009 by founders Joe Denham and Paul Owen. The VegTrug product had been developed and perfected over the previous year. As soon as the VegTrug was shown at the GLEE show in September of that year, we knew we had a winning business. The philosophy from the beginning was to create a product that people could easily use to grow their own vegetables in the smallest space, or indeed any space! We also knew that the secret to the success of the product would be providing easy to follow instructions, videos and information to help people to see what they could grow. VegTrug was one of the first companies in its sector to launch a free iPhone App to provide information to their customers. From the start of the business one of the main goals was export. We quickly grew this side of the business and before very long had the VegTrug product established in 24 countries around the world. Operating from a friend’s farm building and our dining room tables we worked tirelessly to grow the business in the first few years and the business grew very fast. We took dedicated premises in Ardleigh, Essex in 2011 and hired our first employee. We had been working with Takasho in Japan in various markets and they had become our sole manufacturing partner in the early years. Takasho are Japan’s leading garden products supplier and have very similar principles to ourselves with gardening being more than just a business but a way of life!


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