Footprint Tools is a hand tool manufacturer based in Sheffield, England. We can trace our hand tool manufacturing back as far as the 1750’s when the Alfrid Ridge brand was established as a manufacturer of wood working tools.

The Footprint brand first came about in 1875 when Thomas R Ellin invented the Footprint Pipe wrench which he developed from a tool he found in a grinders workshop to undo “stubborn” nuts. He saw potential in this product for Plumbers, pipe fitters and mechanics turning a simple home made tool into a simple and effective mass market tool.

We are often asked where the Footprint Logo comes from – It is believed that he found the inspiration for the Footprint logo whilst reading Daniel Defoes famous novel “Robinson Crusoe”. The company archives contain a copy of the book with a note on the page showing Man Fridays Footprints saying “Possible Trademark”.

Following a re-structuring in 2009 Footprint used its knowledge and expertise to develop international partnerships to outsource some of its manufacturing to low cost countries in order to remain competitive. Unlike many companies though we still manufacture a substantial range of tools at our factory in Sheffield which still rings to the sound of our Forging hammers forging the quality tools we are known throughout the world for.

Footprint is currently run by the 4th Generation of the owning family and are a proud member of the Made In Sheffield group which actively promotes companies that genuinely manufacture products in Sheffield.


Footprint Products Limited is very dominant in the retail consumer market, and we hold highest market share in Canada on some of our product categories.